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Create a payment account in for a customer.

Required Input

  • CustomerID As Integer – a valid Customer ID.
  • Type As String – Type of payment account being created.
    • CREDIT_CARD – Create a credit card payment account.
    • ACH – Create an ACH or eCheck payment account.

Optional/Conditional Input

  • CreditCard
    • CreditCardNumber As String – Credit Card Number  (only last 4 or empty is allowed when SubscriptionInfo is populated)
    • ExpirationDate As Date – Credit card expiration date.
    • NameOnCard As String – Name that is on the credit card.
    • CVV2 As String – The CVV2 number of the credit card. Typically a 3-digit number for Visa and MasterCard, and 4 digits for American Express. (Note: when SubscriptionInfo is populated, population of this depends on whether the merchant requires it or not)
    • Choice of one of the following:
      • ZipCode As String – The billing zip code of the credit card.
      • Address – An address
        • Address1 As String – Billing address, first line.
        • Address2 As String – Billing address, second line.
        • City As String – Billing address city.
        • State As String – Billing address state.
        • Zip As String – Billing zip code (first 5 digits only).
        • Zip4 As String - Billing +4 portion of zip code.
        • Country As String – 3 character Country ISO code.
  • ACH
    • NameOnAccount As String Name on banking account
    • AccountNumber As String Banking account number (only last 4 or empty is allowed when SubscriptionInfo is populated)
    • RoutingNumber As String Nine digit bank code
    • Type As String CHECKING or SAVINGS
  • SubscriptionInfo
    • MerchantProfileID As Integer – The merchant profile the subscription was created using.
    • SubscriptionID As String – The subscription id (or account identifier) from the merchant for this payment account.


  • PaymentAccountID As Integer – The ID of the payment account created.


When anything in SubscriptionInfo is specified, it is assumed that the subscription has already been created with the merchant, i.e. this function will not create a subscription with subscription id specified. Some merchants have additional information that may be in the SubscriptionID field and thus it may not just be the subscription id from the merchant. Subscriptions are also only supported on a subset of merchant accounts. Please contact support if you wish to use this feature to see if subscriptions are supported and the syntax required for the SubscriptionID field.

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