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Phase 4 is the prep before you launch This phase requires close communication from all parties to ensure a successful launch. In this phase, your activation date will be set, data migration complete, reporting set, bill runs set, and you will be testing and training your team.

MilestoneClient RepSteps to Complete
Project Management Checkpoint
  • CEO
  • Primary Contact
  • Project Manager
  • Adjust engagement meetings to weekly/ twice a week
  • Primary Contact
  • Client IT SME
  • Project Manager
  • Developer
  • Data Migration Engineer
  • Review Unbillable Call Report
  • Review Monthly Billing Report
  • Review Tax Compliance Report
  • Setup schedule for report delivery
Bill Run / Testing
  • Client DBA or Data Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • Data Migration Engineer
  • Developer
  • Provide input while completes checklists
    • A/R Balances
    • MRC
    • NRC
    • Usage
    • Taxes
    • Bill Presentment
  • Create sample invoice - post data migration
  • Client Sign off on Client Testing Acceptance Form


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