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  • CreditCard
    • CreditCardNumber As String – Credit Card Number  (only last 4 or empty is allowed when SubscriptionInfo is populated)
    • ExpirationDate As Date – Credit card expiration date.
    • NameOnCard As String – Name that is on the credit card.
    • CVV2 As String – The CVV2 number of the credit card. Typically a 3-digit number for Visa and MasterCard, and 4 digits for American Express. (Note: when SubscriptionInfo is populated, population of this depends on whether the merchant requires it or not)
    • Choice of one of the following:
      • ZipCode As String – The billing zip code of the credit card.
      • Address – An address
        • Address1 As String – Billing address, first line.
        • Address2 As String – Billing address, second line.
        • City As String – Billing address city.
        • State As String – Billing address state.
        • Zip As String – Billing zip code (first 5 digits only).
        • Zip4 As String - Billing +4 portion of zip code.
        • Country As String – 3 character Country ISO code.
  • ACH
    • NameOnAccount As String Name on banking account
    • AccountNumber As String Banking account number (only last 4 or empty is allowed when SubscriptionInfo is populated)
    • RoutingNumber As String Nine digit bank code
    • Type As String CHECKING or SAVINGS
  • SubscriptionInfo
    • MerchantProfileID As Integer – The merchant profile the subscription was created using.
    • SubscriptionID As String – The subscription id (or account identifier) from the merchant for this payment account.