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In Phase 2, you will be providing essential information needed to continue.

This includes providing product catalog information, rate decks, and CDR importer/FTP information.


Advanced Tables - Table Plus
MilestoneClient RepSteps to Complete
Obtain Product Catalog
  • Product Manager
  • Data Migration Engineer
Obtain Usage Plan/ Plan Groups
  • Product Manager
  • Data Migration Engineer
Obtain CDR Importer Requirements
  • IT SME (Subject Matter Expert)
  • Developer
  • Client to provide FTP Credentials* (*optional if not using FTP Site)
  • Client to identify a list of CDR Importers for implementation
  • Client to provide CDR sample, Carrier Documentation & Definitions, and CDR Business Rules
  • Review testing process
Review Data Migration Requirements
  • DBA or Data SME (Subject Matter Expert
  • Project Manager
  • Data Migrations Engineer
  • Finalize data sourcing
  • Finalize product mapping
  • Client to provide data in agreed upon format
  • Determine Subject Matter Expert on System for Data Migration
  • Review and complete Data Migration Checklist
  • Provide access to front and back end of system to be migrated
  • Provide first data export
  • Provide Feedback on Tax Questionnaire
Obtain Monthly Billing Report
  • Billing SME
  • Project Manager
  • Client to provide 2 samples of current bills
  • to provide client with sample comparative report
  • Obtain copy of comparative report out of client's current billing system